16 January 2012

i heart organizing too!

actually i'm obsessed about organizing. this is my idea of fun, and how i like to spend my weekends! =)  the boys are already complaining because i've done nothing else but organize and redecorate since the new year.  at one point, vito even said: "mommy, you're changing our rooms again? but you already did it three times! " hehehe.

the one sore point in our entire home has always been the children's toys.  i could never find a way to organize them so that they themselves would find it easy to tidy up after playing.  they toys always get mixed up (which i really abhor), and they just end up piling them on top of each other. i tried bins and plastic drawers but since i bought them at separate times, they didn't match, so it didn't look good.  and since we changed the color scheme in the study/playroom to black, white, and gray, the old shelving didn't look good in it anymore.

i was so happy to receive this link from jane, who tweeted it last week.  genius!  i hurried over to ikea yesterday and bought the exact same shelving units and proceeded to finally tackle the toys once and for all.  here's the story in pictures:

this is how the toys normally look after the kids try to "tidy up"
i thought it still looked messy

i assigned vito to sort the lego into two bins:
small lego parts and bionicles
his lego castle pieces go into a separate sealed bin

i organized the rest into categories:  disney cars, transformers, special cars (ferraris, lamborghinis, etc.), and the rest of the vehicles.  the other side contains the small lego parts, bionicles (vito is obsessed with bionicles and hero factory), dinosaurs, and duplo/megablocks.

the plastic drawers on the lower right contain the action figures at the top, and wooden blocks at the bottom.

here's what manuel did to our 3 cheap shelves.  he put them on their sides, and nailed them together to form one big unit (kinda like the expedit shelves of ikea).  this stores all the spill-over books that wouldn't fit into our 3 other tall bookcases.  ( i have one tall bookcase in the bedroom and 2 in the living room -- but they're still not enough.)  this we placed on the other side of the room so that it won't disturb the black/white/charcoal gray scheme. =)

the baskets at the top contain all the small items and papers that i don't want raoul to be able to reach.  one of them contains my collection of pretty blank cards, leftover christmas cards, stationery, etc.  my collection of pretty journals is in the bedroom.

i plan to replace the labels of the toy bins later when i find stickers that i like.  i'll find a way to erase the ones i wrote somehow. =) 


  1. looks lovely! because of your posts, i am itching to spruce this house as well... can't wait...

  2. wiii! nice job, Pat! :) and you're right, the boys have so many legos! hihi.

  3. Love this!
    I wish Ikea were more accessible or available here. I so miss just being able to hop on over there for stuff. I remember my mom and I would spend an entire morning there just buying Christmas decor. Sigh.
    Love how the kids are into organizing. Vito used to love sorting and putting things away, but the terrible 2's phase is full-on, and he's now into the make-the-biggest-mess-you-can phase :|


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